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Boise Ballet Academy's The Nutcracker has been a holiday tradition since we first opened in 2018. With more than 80 dancers on stage, we ring in the holiday's at The Nampa Civic Center, the last weekend before Christmas. All students enrolled in BBA have the opportunity to participate and perform in this magical production.
Please join us for a performance where the next generation of talented dancers show case their technique and artistry.

The Nutcracker synopsis:

It is Christmas Eve, and Mr. and Mrs. Stahlbaum, along with their children, Clara and Fritz, are greeting the guests of their annual holiday celebration. Among the guests is Uncle Drosselmeyer, who is simultaneously known for his air of mystery and unmatched ability to entertain. He brings with him two life sized dancing dolls, one being the charming Ballerina Doll and the other being the captivating Soldier Doll, all of which perform for the delighted guests. Following this, the children of the party are presented with gifts. All the girls are given dolls with the exception of Clara, who is presented with an ornamented Nutcracker. Upon the conclusion of the party, Clara falls into an enchanted sleep beside her Nutcracker. In her dreams, she awakens to the sound of scurrying mice and the tapping feet of toy soldiers, unable to find her Nutcracker. The Nutcracker appears as a prince and he introduces her to his company of toy soldiers. They begin a battle with the mischievous mice, who are led by the fierce Mouse Queen. The Nutcracker is brave, and he stands tall and strong at the forefront of the toy soldiers. As the Mouse Queen gains the upper hand, Clara rushes to the Nutcracker's defense, knocking the Mouse Queen unconscious and earning victory to the toy soldiers. Soon after the battle's close, Clara and the Nutcracker travel to the Land of the Snowflakes where they meet the regal Snow Queen. She and her flurry of snowflakes set forth an enchanting waltz in and throughout the icy forest. In the end, The Nutcracker Prince reappears to whisk Clara away from the forest in a magnificent sleigh and bring her to the magical Land of The Sweets. Here, they meet The Sugar Plum Fairy and dancers from all over the globe, whom all perform in Clara's honor. There are the fiery Spanish, the mysterious Arabian, the keen Tea, the cheerful Marzipan, the twirling Candy Cane, and the fun Gingerbread Cookies. The celebration concludes with the Waltz of The Flowers led by the magical Dew Drop. Before Clara knows it, she is in back in her living room with her beloved Nutcracker by her side.