About the Curriculum

About the Curriculum

The American Ballet Theatre's National Training Curriculum is a program for the development and training of young students that embraces sound ballet principles. It incorporates elements of the French, Italian and Russian schools of training. ABT's National Training Curriculum was designed and written by Franco De Vita and Raymond Lukens in collaboration with ABT's Artistic Advisors and the Medical Advisory Board.

ABT's National Training Curriculum assists beginning through advanced teachers in training dance students to use their bodies correctly by focusing on kinetics, coordination, anatomy, and proper body alignment. Artistically, the National Training Curriculum strives to provide dance students with a rich knowledge of classical ballet technique and the ability to adapt to all styles and techniques of dance.

Using the guidelines in the book "The Healthy Dancer" Boise Ballet Academy practices healthy dance training with a focus of developmentally appropriate exercises.

Boise Ballet Academy offers ABT Student Examinations which are a graded evaluation system that enables ABT Certified Teachers to receive personalized, constructive feedback on their teaching methods. Not only are the Student Examinations a useful tool for dance educators, but they provide feedback for participating students regarding their technique and artistry.

In addition to our Curriculum Boise Ballet Academy offers cross training for dancers with the GYROTONIC® Method and Progressing Ballet Technique.