About the ABT Exams

American Ballet Theatre's National Training Curriculum Student Examinations

American Ballet Theatre's National Training Curriculum Student Examinations

Boise Ballet Academy is the only ballet school in Idaho to offer the ABT Student Examinations. ABT Student Examinations benefit students by serving as a skill assessment to document students' progress, build their confidence, and improve their training.

An adjudicator from the ABT National Training Curriculum will observe the students as they perform a prepared examination class. The class is prepared and conducted by the students' ABT Certified Teacher. The students must have the examination class memorized. Each participating student receives an individual rubric outlining his/her proficiency both technically and artistically with comments from the Examiner.

Students who successfully pass the exam will also receive an official certificate listing the level of the examination class they took along with their level of distinction. The four levels of distinction are Pass, Pass with Merit, Pass with Honors, and Pass with High Honors.

The benefits of doing ABT National Training Curriculum Student Examinations

  • Students are offered the opportunity to have their achievements in dance recognized through entering into ABT National Training Curriculum Examinations and are assessed based on their skill level and artistic presentation.
  • Examinations are a tool to document progress and a way to build confidence in ability.
  • Students receive a personalized Rubric with constructive feedback and a Certificate of Participation with their name, date of the examination, Class Level and Level of Distinction.

Here are some helpful hints for students preparing for the ABT Exams

  • Regularly attending their ballet classes.
  • Committing to learning and memorizing the work presented by their ABT NTC certified teacher.
  • Demonstrating a joy in dancing and artistic presentation.
  • Presenting the work with confidence.